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theatrically in select cities. put on by the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. please go see them. thanks for watching, have a great night. ♪ ♪ it is time for the russian intervention in ukraine for end. a second emergency session of the united states nighted nations ukraine goes on high alert after russian troops move in to crimea. 90-minute phone call president obama speaks to russia's president telling him to back off ukraine. and now nato will have their emergency meet diogu crane set for monday in brussels. ♪ ♪
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hello and bell to him al jazerra america i am morgan radford live in new york city. an appeal from president obama to russia pred hav vladimir put, his plea has fallen on deaf ears, putin said it's merely to secure safety. setting the stage for potential conflicts. since russia has veto power any security action appears unlikely. the u.s. is calling on u.n. to send observers to ukraine while nato is set to hold an emergency meeting in brussels on monday. president obama called putin and spoke for 90 minutes about a political solution, but so far russia is not budging. jennifer glasse is in the
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crimean capital where the russian forces are. >> reporter: the crimean president asked for help and he's getting it. here it crimea, at least, it's welcome news to many. jubilation in the crimean capital the russians are coming. as moscow endorsed the use of force, ethnic russians too being to streets like her sport being the russian flag. >> translator: they are our protectors, there will be no military crashes just here to guarantee our safety. >> reporter: we kneeing the statue of vladimir lennon, russian and soviet military flags, the bonds are close here. crimea was part of russia until 1954. the only ukrainian autonomous republic has a new pro russian mime pinster who moved quickly to take control. >> i have decided to temporarily
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take command of all national forces, the interior ministry, the armed forces, the navy, tax and border control, all commanders should take orders from me only. those who disagree, please resign. >> reporter: that scares crimea's minority population many of their san antonio cesc tourses were deported by stalin. >> it's the in i wa first time e lived under such conditions they ever taken over military bases and civil institutions that's why crimean society is filled with fear, people are afraid of everything. >> reporter: 400 miles north in the second steer, car can khary drapped pro government supporters from the city hall. much of the population opposed the take over the government in kiev. and in kiev. former opposition leader now presidential candidate vitale klischko appealed for calm. >> translator: i edge everybody
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no provocations, no calls for accept tim. no violence, no anarchy, legal and democratic authorities are formed in ukraine now, all that love their country have to show their patriotism and unity. >> reporter: at a military airport a possible worrying sign of things to come. men in cash name came and damaged ukrainian communications equipment. the men you have taken over the airports this week they are crimean riot police, intelligence forces, security personnel and some officers of russia's black sea fleita cord to go crimea deputy mime minister but there are tatars here wintering what russian boots on the ground here will mean for their future and what is still at least for now ukraine. >> that's jennifer glasse reporting from ukraine. now to moscow where all eyes are on the kremlin as phil ittner explains there is great concern over the power parliament has
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now handed to russian president vladimir putin. >> reporter: a day after the west and in particular the white house warned russia not to intervene in ukraine, this was moscow's neck move. >> translator: russian federation council votes to first approve president vladimir putin's proposal to use the russian troops on the territory of ukraine until the political situation stabilizes. secondly this is effective on the day of its a less do 67 it . >> reporter: it took less than a their authorize force in ukraine. in britain the foreign second william haige summoned the russian ambassador and economies expressed his concern. >> we are very concerned with the escalation of tensions in the ukraine particularly in crimea and particularly about the did he since russian parliament this afternoon to
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authorize military action in ukraine without the consents of the ukrainian authorities. this is potentially a grave threat to the independence, the sovereignty, and the territorial integrity of ukraine. >> reporter: the even u. says it would hold an emergency meeting of foreign minister to his discuss a response. the russian decision does not call for military action but does clear it. it president putin decides to act. the legal reasoning sites a anybody of clauses within agreements between ukraine and russia. as well as the russian constitution. that legal framework was drawn up after the fall of the soviett union, primarily to protection the navel base an venture shall part of russia's military. russian public opinion is strongly in favor of supporting the russian efforts against the government in kiev seem by many as extremists, as a further swipe at the west after the vote
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on military options the parliament urged vladimir putin to recall the russian ambassador to washington few pictures it to happen but it's a clear indication that the crimean peninsula is now a global matter. phil ittner, al jazerra, moscow. >> now react to be the fled that phil just mention approximated ukraine's interim president told his soldiers to be on high alert. security beefed up at nuclear sites, the prime minister said any military intervention would lead to war, he urged russia to send its forces back to crimea, a feeling shared by other cabinet members. >> translator: there can be no diplomacy with putin, we can remember the example of george a russia spread information to make georgia the enemy, as a result they stole part of georgia with putin and yanukovych there can be no diplomacy. we have no choice but to defend our country ourselves.
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>> the united nations security council held emergency session to his discuss the crisis. john terret has more on the diplomatic effort to his curb russia's movement in ukraine. >> reporter: good evening, from the united nations on the east side of manhattan in new york where the security council the body charged looking after world peace and security has been meet to go discuss the situation in ukraine in particular in the crimea. the meeting was called for by the ambassador to the united nations for ukraine. there was a behind closed door session and a public session no conclusion reached the end of either meeting. now let's begin our coverage by turn to go vitale the russian am bars doing to the united nations he cited the february 21st power sharing agreement with the new government in kiev that almost immediately fell apart as a reason why moscow is very concerned about the safety of its citizens inside ukraine. >> translator: the parliament with its new membership with the traumatic changes why did it first take a decision to take
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away the -- make a decision to takeaway the. thelanguage situation which says that people have the right to use minority languages not only russian but other languages why the first day was that decision to take those away? >> reporter: now what can you done at the united nation to his try to sort the situation out? it's a very difficult delicate situation because the security council has five permanent members all have vetoes and the russians are one of those members. and they are likely to vetoed anything the security council comes up with vis-a-vis yo ukra, ban ki-moon issued a statement earlier today before speaking to the russian president saying through a spokesperson that he reiterates his call for the full respect for and presentation of the of the independence, is off at this and integrity of ukraine and a respiration of calm and direct lie log to solve the current crisis, samantha power
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is the u.s. ambassador and the united nations and says that the u.s. has no evidence of threats to minority groups in the ukraine meaning the russians and that therefore moscow should back off and get out of the crimea. >> this is as dangerous as it is destabilizing, we are deeply disturbed by reports of russian military intervention in crimea. this intervention is without legal base discuss indeed it violates russia's commitment to protect the is off at this, territory think integrity and independence of ukraine. >> reporter: moving way from manhattan and the united nation to his europe there is a meet on the ground sunday the nato because of the trading ties that exist between brussels and moscow it's hoped the european union may have more influence over what's happening in crimea involving russia than the united nations huh is been a i believe to do so far because of that russian feet seat owe i veto iny council. back in washington president obama has building working the folks speaking directly with
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president putin tunneling him to pull his forces back to their bases libby casey has the details on that conversation. >> reporter: that phone call pres obama and putin lasted a whopping min 90 90 minutes and h the international law. all phrases that are chosen carefully and with intention, the read out of the phone call says the united states calls on russia to deescalate tension ed by withdrawing its forces going forward russia an continue violation of international law will lead to greater political and economic isolation. now, the white house is trying to make russia feel like it's alone against the broader international community. and to that end president obama spoke today with the president of france also the prime minister of candidate three of them talking about coordinating closely according to white house and firming the importance of
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unity. know there is criticism from capital hill of just how far president obama is willing to go. and what specific threats he can make. senator john mccain republican of arizona expressed his own deep concern who what's happening in ukraine and he called on president obama to rally our european and nato ally to his make clear what costs russia will face for its aggression and to impose toss cothoseconsequences without furr delay. senator ma kane said every moment the u.s. and allies don't respond gives putin the signal that he be be everybody more ambitious and aggressive. those are senator mccain's words. sitting on the sidelines and criticizing can be easier in the oval office and deciding exactly what tact to take. the white house said today it would no not be part of the planning process at this table of g8 summit in june in sochi russia, of course the question is what other options does it have? economic sanction sanctions or any sort of military might in
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conjunction with nato? secretary of state john kerry is one of the other obama white house administration officials working the phones today, he spoke with the acting president of ukraine and gave his own stern warning and words for russia. >> the former u.s. am bass bore to ukraine william miller tells al jazerra he's worried russia is risking an all-out war. >> resort to arms which the russians have undertaken is a pathetic solution to a very complicated problem. they should talk to each other and sort things out. and it seems to me that the situation in ukraine demands the
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close working together of russia and the united states to avert a cacatastrophic world war. >> stay with al jazerra for continuing coverage on ukraine and our reporters will continue to bring you up-to-date information all throughout the day. ♪ ♪ >> meteorologist: we are looking at some improvements down here towards california. the big storm, of course, that caused so much rain and so much snow in the higher elevations is beginning to subside just a little bit as we go through the rest of the weekend we will see some improvements so places will
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>> every sunday night al jazeera america brings you controversial... >> both parties are owned by the corporations. >> ..entertaining >> it's fun to play with ideas. >> ...thought provoking >> get your damn education. >> ...surprising >> oh, absolutely! >> ...exclusive one-on-one interviews with the most interesting people of our time. >> you're listening because you want to see what's going to happen. >> i want to know what works what do you know works? >> conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> talk to al jazeera. >> only on al jazeera america. >> oh my! ♪ ♪ egypt has it's a sixth knew government since president mubarak got booted from office. the interim president swore in the cabinet on sunday and this new lineup has 20 ministers from the gold government including the defense minuter al sisi who
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is expected to run for president in year, parliamentary elections planned for summer. more than 10 men all armed with knives up leashed a bloody scene of terror in china. they slashed 29 victims at a train situation in china killing them all. four attackers were killed and 143 were wound is state nidia says it was from the country's west a warn to go our viewers the following report by rob mcbride does contain some graphic material. >> reporter: as police continue looking for anyone else connected with the attack, people in china have been coming to terms with the scale and horror of the assault. according to eyewitnesses, the gang started attacking passengers at random with knives, sending crowds fleeing in panic. thousands of internet users have been expressing their outrage on social media, and up loading images of security around the station in the aftermath of at at thathetack.
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authorities promise aid swift response with the country's president saying those responsible will be brought to justice. the attack comes at a sensitive time in china in the run up to the country's national people's congress gathering in beijing. the authorities have been quick to control information about the attack, restricting reporting of the event to the official version issued by the country's state-run news exactly. robnik bride, al jazerra, central china. beside the four that would killed by police another attacker was captured and they are still searching for the others. voting under way in thailand after general elections were disrupted by mass protests last month. the captain bangkok anti-government demonstrators announced plans to scale back on a rally. they spent the day saturday taking down posters and cleaning off graffiti the protesters still remain defiant they are regrouping to a park in the center the city calling for the prime minister to resign.
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exploring diplomatic champions swunchampions venturea foreign minter will meet with the unites nations chief tuesday. hundreds marched on saturday and demonstrators accused the government of the human rights abuses in its previous crack down on protesters. 18 people have been killed since rallies began last month and protesters are pretty angry over 56% inflation, foot shortages and pretty violent crime. there is also a large venezuelan community in miami. christina puig explains that many are watching the develop in their homeland unfold and trying to be supportive of their friends, fair that manically from a far. >> there has been 33 registered tortures. >> reporter: over the last three weeks andy and her mother sophia have spent sleepless hours monitoring their facebook, instagram and twitterth to stay in contact with their family in venezuela. >> there is no water no, electricity. there is, you know, no way to inform anybody of what's
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happening and the government did it on purpose. >> reporter: like many ex-patriots. they rely on news media to get news out of their country i. >> i don't think they everybody knew what was happening. twitter has become a lifeline for people. so if i pit it on twitter it immediately gets viral and everybody gets to see what's happening. >> reporter: they flood their accounts with video clips recorded and sent by family members so that the world can see the clashes fine security forces and anti-government demonstrators who want to out of the president nicholas maduro. >> you can see them running. my grandmother. look. >> reporter: maduro was elected president in 2013 it have of it was a tight race but its fairness was questioned by the united states. >> venezuelans grab arms and learn to defends themselves this will not end well. >> reporter: peaceful student-led demonstrations turned deadly after activist leopolleopoldo lopez was arrest
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towards weeks ago, 17 protesters have died and several hundred have been injured. >> venezuela had been coming down for many years and reached to the point that there needs to do something. something needs to happen. >> reporter: there are rough 3,250,000 venezuelans living in florida, northern my where else in the u.s., many live here and the community here is very concerned about what's is happening in their homeland and are trying their best to help out however they can. south florida volunteers are collecting much of needed medical supplies to ship to venezuela. >> hundreds are patients are coming in due to the violence in the streets. we are asking for medicines to food, any type of medical supply. >> reporter: on friday, florida's governor rick scott and senator marco rubio met with a large crowd of maduro on components and urged president obama to impose sanctions against swun venezuela.
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>> he needs to freeze the assets and revoke the travel vehicles as of the government officials in venezuela for participating in the crimes. >> reporter: in the meantime, they will continue to rally peacefully on the internet and in the streets of miami. in solidarity with their families back home. christina puig, al jazerra, miami. giving up his batman look, what pressured lebron james to trade in a black nose protection mask for another? plus countdown to the oscars, hollywood gets set to honor the best in film. i must begin my journey,
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which will cause me to miss the end of the game. the x1 entertainment operating system
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lets your watch live tv anywhere. can i watch it in butterfly valley? sure. can i watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. leave it to lebron james to make a fashion statement he has been career it'sing a buzz
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after he wore a black mask thursday night to protect his broken nose, lebron said he went to the batman look for match the black uniforms, he scored 31-point in their victory over the knicks. here is the issue. lebron did not ge get approval from the league to wear the black shield so he went back too wearing the clear mask because according to an nba official the league prefers the clear shoulder so that opponent can see a players eyes the new look didn't bother immaterial had the home hammered the magic. you gotta love outdoor hockey especially in a snowstorm. mother nature was dumping all bunch off snow in chicago. in the first period, patrick sharp getting the party start forked the blackhawks just like my favorite drink, sharp goes top shelf. oh, yeah. that is a refreshing sight if you are a chicago fan.
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the blackhawks go to work the penguins 5-1 is the final. on the diamond the new york yankees were broadcast the live on three networks in japan at 3:00 a.m. in the morning for a string training game. here is the reason why, masahiro tanaka made had i yankees debut against the phillies and the $155 million japanese immaterial party was very good. the 25-year-old tanaka dazzled in his first outing with three strikeouts in two scoreless innings of work, threw 31 pitches and gave up two hits and received a standing ovation as he left the field. on the links tiger woods got his mojo back at the honda classing i can by shooting the best round of the year, he has gotten to have a rough start in 2014 he barely made the cut but on moving day he made his move, carding seven birdies tiger is sitting at 5 under par. but raise rory mcilroy by seven strokes heading in to sunday's
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final round. and finally we are kicking it in the english premier league because the manager for newcastle allen pardue headbutts the opposing player as you can see, pardue gets in the way of david myers and leaned in for the headbutt. pardue was ejected from the match. the team slapped him with a $168,000 fine. and pardue can expect a suspension coming from the league. that's your sports for this hour. all right. thanks, ross. the international soccer federation fifa wil will allow e use of religious head wear during soccer matches that includes head scarfs and tub bans this came off a 20 month trial which concluded that wearing them does not pose risk of injury. and therefore doesn't justify a ban. and just a few short hours fans and stars will be arriving at the dole by theater in los angeles for hollywood's biggest night. you are looking at live pictures where the red carpet is rolled
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out for the oscars, ellen degeneres was hosting the awards and favorite for best picture this year include american hustle, gravity and 12 years a slave. thanks so much for watching al jazerra, i am morgan radford, "inside story" is next. >> struggling against joblessness, high crime and souring debt. these are tough times for puerto rico, home to 3.5 million american citizens, can they get back on track economically. it's the inside story. >> hello. i'm ray suarez and many of the

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